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 How to........

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PostSubject: How to........   Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:50 am

I am just a little bit curious about making own models so I would like to know some things like:

First step to create the model: what materials to use in order to create first model
Second: After having the model, do you make a mold? if so, what materials do you use? How long would this mold last?
third: Once you have the mold, what material you use to make the final product? Do you have to use any special tools?
fourth: when painting the final product, what type of paint do you use?

Also, do you use any special tools or materials during the process.

I would like to know the whole process of the "How to create an animal model" if possible
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PostSubject: Re: How to........   Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:58 am

I am not very good at animal figures, but I make all of my own landscape models such as trees and rocks, whatever I need to make the base of the diorama. The materials I use are wire, paper, silk, preserved natural foliage and polymer clay, there are several different brands and I found a couple that I like, Sculpy for larger pieces and Fimo for smaller pieces. The difference is the sculpy is soft and doesn't hold fine shapes like the Fimo does, but Fimo is very stiff to work with. First you make the skeleton and then put the clay over it in layers, first the bulky shapes like the "muscles" and then the skin.

the molds are usually made from silicone, I use MicroMarc, two part formula and I just follow the directions, the same for the resin that I cast as the final copy, I use the MicroMarc two part RTV resins. They can be purchased at most hobby stores or online.

For painting I use acrylic paints from several different brands, I don't know what others use but I am really happy with my trees and plants.

There is a great book that I just recently purchased called "Creating Life-like Animals in Polymer Clay" By Catherine Dewey. I highly recomend it to get started. My problem is I want the figures too small for me to really work with, the more I try the more I am impressed with Ana's and others work and it makes me appreciate the time and effort they put into each figure.
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PostSubject: Re: How to........   Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:59 pm

Yes, it must be very fine and difficult work !

Reminds me, - I never understood why anybody wanted to be a dentist.
Once I asked my dentist, and she said, she loved to work with small and very accurate projects, - so that is why Shocked

So a combination dentist/artist must be ideal albino Cool
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PostSubject: Re: How to........   

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How to........
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