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 Pica pica Games upcoming plans and input welcome

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PostSubject: Pica pica Games upcoming plans and input welcome   Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:37 pm

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This is going to sound foolishly ambitious I know, but keep in mind several of these are almost complete, and assuming this comes to fruition it would probably be next winter before a release (perhaps sooner if I can find someone to partner up with for casting, but I don't want to solicit anyone before I've finished).

I'm hoping to "launch", three separate lines with six new figures added to each every year. There is no set scale yet, and it's unlikely I will stick to any single scale, but feedback on this is appreciated.

The first has been underway for some time; "Bio-plastic" is an invertebrate line following a different group for each batch. This first batch is one of my favorite groups, true crabs. Some of these have been done before, some not, but I hope to make even the previously done species stand out.

All of these are already started in some capacity. Most of them use texture stamps taken directly from specimens or incorporate high resolution 3D scans of specimens that I've received permission to use, so I can assure the absolute best accuracy possible!

Alaskan king Crab: Paralithodes camtschaticus
Yellow-Clawed Fiddler Crab: Uca perplexa
Horned Ghost Crab: Ocypode ceratopthalma
Common Elbow Crab: Rhinolambrus pelagicus
Hime-énkougani: Carcinoplax surugensis
Dark Finger Coral Crab: Atergatus subdentatus

The second line; "Forgotten" is going to be focused on underrepresented extinct animals. I tried to balance the species choices between ones that I myself want to do, and ones that I've seen requested in the past. A few of these have armatures made, but I'm still open to feedback on species choices. This first batch is the rather non-catchy "non-reptile extinct marine animals".

Xiphactinus audax
Hibbertopterus scouleri
Bananogmius ellisensis
Lyrarapax trilobus
Cheirolepis trailli
Boedaspis ensifer

Now for the fun part, the third line; "Collectors Choice" will be entirely decided by vote, every year, for as long as it goes on! It will feature one bird, reptile, invertebrate, fish, mammal, and an extinct animal from a given region.

Suggest a geographical region below, and I'll count them up after a week or two and then people may vote on species. Keep in mind I probably won't be getting to these until after finishing the other two lines.

Nothing to show yet, what progress there currently is looks like a bunch of disassembled crabs (and a bit of it actually is...) and some generic fish shaped outlines, so really nothing worth posting. I was going to wait until finishing a few of the crabs before posting this outline, but I decided I might want to take a break from them and work on some extinct fish in the meantime and I'd appreciate feedback on those before I progress.

As it stands I can't give any information regarding potential costs or material availability, but, and this is absolutely not a promise, there are companies nearby that do die-cast parts, so I will at least look into that if there is any interest.

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Upcoming start-up figurine line, feedback wanted:
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Pica pica Games upcoming plans and input welcome
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