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 More AAA Item Numbers

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More AAA Item Numbers Empty
PostSubject: More AAA Item Numbers   More AAA Item Numbers EmptySat Oct 06, 2018 10:37 pm

Dear Sts Friends,

Okay, so, I am ordering from Mamejo Nature next month, and I have some more information for you as far as item numbers goes. These item numbers all correspond with figures featured in the Mamejo Nature catalog. These are the Figures that I am most interested in: Manatee (12203) Manatee young (12204) Dolphin (12206) Manta Ray (12210) Any Style of Killer whale with the number 12211 Humpback Whale (12213) Blue Whale (12215) Sea Lion (I have no idea what position he's in, but when I actually get these figures, there will be pictures for you.) (12809) Sea Turtle Extra Large (12813) Sea Turtle Baby (12814) Butterflies Set of four (12831) Killer Whale Young (12834) Dolphin Young (12836) Harp Seal (13827) Harp Seal Cub (13828) Chameleon (22219) Frilled Lizard (22243) Blue Tongued Skinks (22244) There are two different styles. Anyway, going on: Spiny Tailed Skink (22245) Green Tegus (22250) Green Spiny Lizard (22641) Brown Spiny Lizard (22643) Dinosaurs Various (I have no names for these, just numbers: 32003, 32004, 32007 34001, 35000 and 35001. Brown Wolf Howling (52000), Brown Wolf Lying (52001), Raccoon (52004) Armadillo (52006) White Tailed Deer Fawn Jumping (52009) Polar Bear Walking (53002), Polar Bear Standing (53004) Giant Panda Any Style (53010) Cheetah Lying (53011) Red Panda Any Style (53013) Snow Leopard Sitting (53014) Tiger Cub Sitting and also Standing (55003) Kangaroo with Joey (55050). If there are any figures that you need for your collections that you want me to specifically order for you, then let me know.

Hope you can find this list useful,


P.S. Pictures of these figures should be available next month.

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More AAA Item Numbers
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