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 Schleich 2021?

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Schleich 2021? Empty
PostSubject: Schleich 2021?   Schleich 2021? EmptyTue Feb 18, 2020 2:38 am

Dear Sts Friends:

Hi, I thought I'd go ahead and do it, even though it's a bit early, for some of us. Anyway, after "seeing" the pictures of this year's models, I just had to write something about my thoughts, especially for Bayala and Eldrador:

I've decided not to get any Bayala this year, because all the people, Elves and mermaids, are all riding, and this doesn't work for my collection. I have however decided to get the Plant monster, if he ends up looking like the stone monster, and the Jungle Creature. Once again, it all depends on Physically seeing these things, not just some one else's description. As far as the unicorn side of things goes, well, unicorns and that sort of thing are nice, but ... well ... I'm just not going to get any this time around. I'm sure that at least some of you understand, right? Anyway, all this goes to say this is not why I started this topic. The real reason I started this topic is because I wanted to discuss Schleich's plans for 2021. In other words, what do we think they'll do next? Anyway, if any one has any idea as to what they're doing, then let me know. Also, there's some news from Horse Land in my collection: Myqueen, Eyela in Festive Clothes standing, has gotten married to Safari Ltd's Oberon Fairy. They are planning to start an enormous ranch for Horses and other mythical creatures. All this goes to say, that I'm still collecting horses, stallions, mares, Foals, and the like. Anyway, that's the news, so I'll write when there's more.


P.S. Queen Eyela and Oberon are going to adopt kids some time, and lots of new people will be joining my kingdom some time soon.
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Schleich 2021?
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