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 Christmas gifts

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas gifts    Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:11 am

@Arrakai wrote:
@Roger; Yes, old fairytales still have much power No And the wolf has especially bad reputation amongst predators, and one of the reasons are religion (at least christianity). When that religion grew strong, and the bible was written, many people in that region had sheeps. and because wolf and sheeps dont realy mix, the wolf was chosen for reprecenting evil, while the sheep reprecented good.
And that idea lived on for a long time (and still does to some people), and in the "old ages" when churches had much power, they ordered people to kill all the wolves they saw, and every village had to have a wolftrapp (that was the situation in sweden from about 1100 - 1800century)

(other religions, like the native americans, worshiped the wolf and saw them as their "brothers")

Another "funny" thing, that you can think about. If you look at childrens books, movies, cartoons etc (both old and new), the wolf is often the bad guy (much more than other predators). other predators can be portrayed as both good and bad (se lions etc), but the wolf is almost always the bad guy. This teaches children from young ages that wolves are an evil creature. Evil or Very Mad

About the fox. I have done one fox, but that was over a year ago, when I first started doing clay figurines, so it´s not that good Rolling Eyes
But maybe I´ll try again Very Happy

That's what I thought, thanks for completing the idea with such interesting information! I'm glad Nicole loves fairy tales and wolves! I love you flower
Anna, do you still have pictures of this fox? Please don't be shy, let me see it! :)
Ah, it would be a nice idea to make another fox... Crocobert will love it! I love you pale
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas gifts    Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:10 am

@Willy; I hope it found a mate and got a big family I love you
Well, for now he is alone, but it is a matter of time that a female wolf will wander from Germany to the Netherlands i hope... Rolling Eyes
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ken yeo


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PostSubject: Re: Christmas gifts    Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:26 am

These are beautiful! I like the lizard, fox,wolf and almost everything!
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas gifts    

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Christmas gifts
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