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 Takin models

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PostSubject: Re: Takin models   Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:13 pm

@tqcenter2002 wrote:
I was wondering - does the mold need to be recreated? how many figures can you do using one mold? unlimited or there is a limit?
I would be happy to try creating figures myself - I know it is hard thing to do and it can take ages till you have what you want. But I do want to try.

From one silicone mould you can make up to 50 copies, in some cases less, that depends of quality of silicone. I don't know if we have mould tutorial on forum, but I'm sure we had some links to such topics, somewhere. Smile  Very Happy 

@tqcenter2002 wrote:
What do I need in order to be able to do this?
Also, If I want to remodel a figure - cutting and putting it up in a different pose of body shape - what do I need - i have read of epoxy - what kind of epoxy I need and which brand?

Yes, epoxy clay, for example Apoxie is a good brand of this. It gets harder after 2 hours from mixing two ingredients. It doesn't need to be baked to get hard, that's why it's good to use it with plastic figures. Otherwise plastic can change shape during baking for example such clays as Super Sculpey.

@tqcenter2002 wrote:
I would need to color the figure afterwards, Right? What color to use? where I can get it?

I use acrylics, Vallejo colours. There is many other good brands of acrylic paints. I usually order them from online stores (with arts and crafts articles). You can also use pastels additionally, airbrush or oil paints.

@tqcenter2002 wrote:
After I'll remodel and be satisfied with results. Can I create a mold out of the figure? what do I need for that?

I do want to try it - maybe I'll be able to create one myself :)

Actually, if you want re sculpt, re position one figure for yourself then why copy? Smile Epoxy clay is hard enough and last as long as plastic or resin. You can have then absolutely unique figure in your collection.

If you customise someone's work it's usually forbidden to copy the result and sell copies. At least that's how it is in case of artists works, limited editions end so. I don't know if this rule is also for the toy figures, but I imagine that toy companies are also upset to see copies (even re sculpted or re posed) of their products sold somewhere.
Well, but that depends of how much of the someones work in in your new figure, if it's only about 10%-20% then it's in fact almost like you sculpted it from the beginning. I don't know the exact law in this case (how much percent you can use etc), I don't make moulds of remakes, unless it's remake of my own sculpture.

But if you create the figure from the beginning then it's a really good idea to make mould and copies! Very Happy If you need more details and tutorials I'm sure there was a topic about it with links to websites with instructions.

It's great to see this inspired you somehow. I would love to see your works! cheers

Horse and Bird
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PostSubject: Re: Takin models   Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:40 am

awesome! Applause 
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PostSubject: Re: Takin models   Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:08 am

Thank you very much Ana!! You have been a great help  Applause  Very Happy .
I would be happy to see an "how it's made" tutorial on the mould for figures - I have looked for mould tutorials in the forum and could not find.

Your masterpiece can only lead for inspirations on others - Your amazing creations and others fabulous figurines arouse the urge to create one of my own. I have seen so many beautiful creations in this forum and I want them all :) But I can't :)

Thank you very very much for helping me understanding the process of figurine creation.
I think that the forum should have a tutorial section under homemade - that will help everyone to contribute.

Does the STS forum has a store for buy/trade homemade figurine?

Maybe something like - sponsoring a module creation and by that you'll get it cheaper then it cost. If everyone help creating one module and it cost the artist less then it should be to begin with - maybe the price will be lower for all sponsors. This is ONLY an idea and it is not related to me and what I am trying to do :) I am not that Good :) I know that there are excelent modouls artists in the Forum that I would love to get their figures - But it is bit hard to get there, if you know what I mean. Maybe if I'll transfer money to PayPal that can help them with the creation I'll get it priced off.

This is just a thought :) I think it can work. Help others to help you that always works.

Thanks again Ana for your help!
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PostSubject: Re: Takin models   

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Takin models
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