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 Why this animal?

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Why this animal? Empty
PostSubject: Why this animal?   Why this animal? EmptyThu Apr 26, 2018 6:47 pm

I have been on this forum for a little while now, a couple of years in fact.

I have found that the majority of collectors all have their own favorite. I myself always had a heart for friesian horses, but am moving my core interest to antelopes, of which the diversity is much smaller, to my sadness.
I know people on the forum with a heart for Sirenya, bears, foxes, Dinosaurs, border collies and siamese cats.

Now is my question, why?
Why do you specifically love that specific animal that attracts you above all else.

I will start with my own story:

I have loved horses since I can remember. I have always had riding lessons and created a safehaven for my imagination with my playmobil when I was around 10-13. I think my attraction to Friesian Horses had its root in a friesian horse in the village I grew up in, I simply adored the looks and grace of this horse. This flowered when I around the age of 15 started to become interested in a medival films and tv shows, where the friesian is more than plentifully represented.
And as much as I will always love my equine of dutch pride, as of late, I think it's been a little less than a year, I have found my heart and my imagination captured by Antelopes. Especially Giant Elans and Bongo's have captures my heart. The seeds of this love have been planted when I studied animal care. I have interned in a zoo, where I had the chance to physically interact with the male Giant Elan. This experience never left my mind. The Bongo I saw for the first time in another zoo, the first time I had a mother-daughter day with my mom. At the time I wasn't quite aware of the beauty of the antelope, the cow in question stood rather behind in a hidden enclosure. These seeds have flowered as of late and I have come aware of this in the Berliner zoo. The antelopes attract me so much.

What is your story?

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PostSubject: Re: Why this animal?   Why this animal? EmptyThu Apr 26, 2018 10:30 pm

Thankyou for the wonderful story of your love of Friesian Horses and the flowering of your love of antelopes Very Happy Very Happy sunny drunken

I will tell about my love of Siamussies, but not now, as the dogs are just telling me it is time for their goodnight walk and go-to-bed ritual Sleep Laughing

I hope many other people will ad to this charming topic Very Happy

sunny   SUSANNE   sunny
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PostSubject: Re: Why this animal?   Why this animal? EmptyFri Apr 27, 2018 3:20 pm

I've always loved horses since I was a little girl but fjords always stood out to me. Not only because they are absolutely adorable but they're such sturdy horses for their size. And how can you resist a clipped mane? You just don't see the two-colored mane like that on any other breed.

Sorry I don't have any heartfelt story, I just think fjords are cute Laughing

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PostSubject: Re: Why this animal?   Why this animal? EmptyFri Apr 27, 2018 5:19 pm

Very interesting topic. I love hearing about your personal relationships with these animals as well as the reasons why you like them.

Like most people here, I think I was born liking my favorites, dobermans included. I immediately was drawn to them as soon as I knew what they were (it happened when I was 5 or so). Shortly after discovering them, I gave my mother a surprise (without meaning to) when I opened up a dog breed book and told her with absolute sincerity that I found "the cutest dog in the world". I think she was expecting a picture of a Spaniel or Poodle instead.

To this day, I still believe this is true. Dobermans have many wonderful qualities, particularly their desire to help. If properly trained, they are not just safe but absolutely wonderful dogs. To me, it's their willingness to please and amazing desire to listen that makes them cute no matter what. Even if you don't agree that they are, they're still visually striking and beautiful dogs that are a joy to look at. This is why they are the top focus of my collection.

Why this animal? 0mRK4FM
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PostSubject: Re: Why this animal?   Why this animal? EmptySat Apr 28, 2018 2:25 am

I have no preference for any animal.

but I admire the beauty of the elephant and the elegance of the antelopes.

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PostSubject: Re: Why this animal?   Why this animal? Empty

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Why this animal?
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